ONLINE WAITER, Bespoke Online Ordering

LunchQ gives you bespoke, modern websites with integrated, intuitive & flexible online ordering



online ordering for food outlets

✔  The customers browse your menu and click to add items they want to their shopping basket.

✔  Your customers order online

✔  On their first visit only, they register to use the site (it takes about 1 minute).

✔  When ready, they choose a payment method and a collection or delivery time.

✔  They click to checkout and send their order to you.

✔  They get an email confirming their order.

✔  In a matter of second the order is sent over to you by fax, email or sms printer.

✔  Your turn now - you make the food and deliver.

What we need from you to get started:

✔  Your menu.

✔  You set up a fax machine, one of our SMS printers, or email access near your kitchen.

✔  Wait two weeks for the website to be designed and live.

✔  Start taking online orders!

We do everything else including ...

✔  Help to choose a domain name like www.myrestaurant.co.uk.

✔  Register this name with the Internet's governing bodies.

✔  Design the website.

✔  Host the website so that it's always available for your customers.

✔  Oversee the online ordering to make sure everything works smoothly.

Have You Got Your Own Website Already?

We can seamlessly integrate our online ordering system with an existing website, or we can work alongside you to get a new project off the ground.